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Italian Renaissance Learning Resources

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Italian city on the south-western slope of Mt Ingino in Umbria . . . Traces of human settlements dating back c. 130,000 years have been found in the area . . . From 1384 Gubbio was ruled by the Montefeltro family, and in that year Antonio Montefeltro set about reinforcing the existing castle (destr.) and the walls. In 1480 the commune presented Federigo II Montefeltro with a new Palazzo Ducale (begun c. 1476) built in the old cathedral square. The medieval Palazzo della Guardia formed its nucleus, the cathedral square became the courtyard, and a water-tank and service areas were located in Corte Vecchia. The design of the courtyard and the interiors recalls the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino, supporting the attribution of the plan to Francesco di Giorgio Martini, who is named in a document as having designed at least one room, perhaps the studiolo.

Carmen Ravanelli Guidotti