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Italian Renaissance Learning Resources

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Borghini, Vincenzo

Borghini, Vincenzo (Maria)

(b Florence, 29 Oct 1515; d Florence, 18 Aug 1580).

Italian philologist, historian and artistic adviser. On 20 June 1531 he entered the Benedictine Order at the Badia in Florence, took his vows a year later and was appointed a deacon in 1537. While there he was mainly concerned with studying Classical authors. After spending fairly brief periods in Perugia, Rome, Montecassino, Naples, Arezzo and Venice he settled in Florence in 1544 with the intention of devoting himself mainly to the study of literature and history. However, in 1552 Cosimo I de’ Medici entrusted him with the time-consuming post of spedaglino (hospitaller) to the Ospedale di S Maria degl’Innocenti. . . . From 1563 to 1565 he was Luogotenente of the recently founded Accademia del Disegno , whose constitution he shaped . . .

Marlis von Hessert